Weaving is like dancing. You move your whole body in harmony with the loom, stepping in rhythm on the pedals, one and then the other. The colors of yarn play like instruments around you as you weave, and the tapestry that emerges is the song you have made together, you and your loom.
We weave all our pieces the traditional way with a foot pedal loom in our studio in Sandy, Oregon. We use only the finest quality sheep wool and angora. The rich colors of our work come from a wide variety of natural dyes: cochineal, indigo, walnut hulls, marigold petals, pomegranate, alfalfa, sapote negro, oregano, onions, wild blackberries, and more.
Dyeing our hand-spun yarn with traditional vegetal and aniline dyes ensures that our woven goods retain their beautiful texture and excellent quality for decades. Each of our hand woven designs exists as a unique artistic expression full of life and color ― a gift from our family to yours.
Our weavings are ideal for home décor such as wall hangings, area rugs, hall or table runners, placemats, pillow covers, and much more. To request a special order in the hand-dyed colors, design, and size of your choice, please get in touch.