Our greatest inspiration comes from the exquisite beauty of Zapotec, Navajo art and the Bauhaus design.
The intricate geometric patterns of the traditional weaves, rich with symbolism, illustrate our relationship between the natural world, and that which exists beyond ourselves. You will see many of these traditional designs among our works, which we proudly produce with the same time-honored techniques that Master Weavers have used for centuries.

Yet even when honoring the ancient ways, we must never forget that weaving is more than a museum piece ― it continues to grow with each generation as a living art, combining tradition with new expressions of color, imagery, and symbolism.
Among our collection, you will find designs both old and new, all handmade with the same time-honored techniques that have been passed down through my family for generations.







“I first saw Francisco’s work at an artisan’s market and was immediately struck by the bold, rich colors, the beauty and craftsmanship.

I ordered a small rug on the spot. After living with it for a few weeks I ordered another, larger rug for a different room. It too came out beautifully, just as I described it to Francisco.

Thank you so much Francisco for your promptness and courtesy, but most of all for sharing your artistry with me. You are a true artist.”

D. J. Beach – Portland, OR

“Laura and Francisco have their heart in their work and their weaving is so beautiful!
My rug was woven with a black background with many vibrant colors – many of the dyes from natural sources – in traditional Zapotec design though they can do custom work as well.

Its just like the one I fell in love with on exhibit in their stall and I couldn’t be more pleased. A gorgeous and delightful piece of work.”

Jenny C. – Portland, OR

“We commissioned a custom rug with Francisco and Laura earlier this year. They have been a pleasure to work with and the piece was created to exact specifications and delivered on time. The color and material is holding up beautifully in a high traffic entryway. We look forward to enjoying this rug and sharing the history of it with our guests for years to come.”

Shirley Falgione